“Nancy has experience with conservation issues, is knowledgeable about budgeting, and cares about protecting the land and resources of Nebraska. She will protect our water, soil, natural resources, and budget. That’s why I asked Nancy to run for my seat.”
               — Don Kavan, longtime Nebraska farmer, 46-year Lower Platte North NRD Director representing Sub-District 7 (retiring incumbent)

NancyandDoncroppedDon Kavan congratulates Nancy on her decision to run for the LPN NRD Board.

“As a current member of the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, I am immersed in the many tough issues that an NRD director faces. I know that Nancy will be prepared to tackle these issues with practical sense and smart wisdom. She is not new to the many issues in conservation; all her life she has been a leader and an advocate for conservation. I have never known Nancy to shy away from any difficult issue. Unlike some others who run for the NRD and are ill-prepared, Nancy will be ready to represent you on day-one.”                                                       — Vern Barrett, Lower Platte South NRD Director

“Lower Platte North NRD will be privileged to be represented by Nancy Meyer: smart, honest, hardworking, creative and skilled in organizing.”                                                    –– Adele Welty, Retired Social Worker

“Nancy Meyer is running for the Lower Platte North NRD! This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Rarely have I met a citizen who shows intelligent and consistent commitment to conservation. Without exception, she researches issues, attends meetings with key leaders to learn more and understand their positions, and to establish her own. She learns AND takes action. Nancy is the person you want to empower to protect Nebraska’s natural resources.”                                                    — Carolyn Butler, Environmental Educator

“I have never met a more compassionate, trustworthy, qualified or devoted Nebraskan than Nancy Meyer. The only things bigger than Nancy’s heart are her understanding of the issues and her willingness to serve. She will go toe-to-toe for something she believes in – and she believes in what’s best for her district. As a friend and a fan, I believe Nebraska needs more Nancy Meyers!”             — Rita Paskowitz, Storyteller/Educator

“I have had contact with Nancy shortly after she married my brother. She has always been an advocate for conservation. I have always said she would make a good representative of the people. Finally, she is stepping up and I am glad for her.”   — Les Embrey, Electronic Tech

“Respect, long-term community service!!”                             — Preston Love, Founder/Director Black Votes Matter

“I have known Nancy Meyer for several years. She has always fulfilled her commitments to me. She is professional, dedicated and smart. I can think of no one I would trust more to protect my grandchildren’s drinking water. Nebraska needs her on the Lower Platte North NRD.”              — Catherine M. Lohmeier, Action Committee Nebraska

“I’ve known Nancy for years and have seen first-hand the strong work ethic that she will bring to the NRD. She brings a nonpartisan approach to problem-solving and a conservative approach to fiscal matters — that unique combination that seems to be found only here in Nebraska.”  — Don Bowen, Instructor, University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media

Write your own endorsement for Nancy!

We would like you to leave a short comment about why a vote for Nancy is a good idea for everyone in the district. Please include your contact information and your title or description, such as district resident and/or landowner owner, mayor, board member, farmer, business owner, Native Nebraskan, tribal member (of what tribe), hunter, hiker, bird watcher, environmentalist, outdoor and recreational sports enthusiast, etc.