Time to Vote!!

Nebraskans, it’s time. Ballots are starting to be mailed, and deadlines to register and get your mail-in ballot are fast approaching.

This is your chance to make your voices heard. Don’t be a bystander for our democracy – get out and vote!!

Click here for a full set of online resources to register and apply for a mail-in ballot. Go!


Lower Platte North NRD Plans Renewable Energy Improvements to Lake Wanahoo

Great news!! The Lower Platte North NRD announced Monday, August 13, 2018, that they will be seeking to make a number of renewable energy enhancements at the District’s premier property, Lake Wanahoo, just outside Wahoo.

LPN NRD is planning to power their new education center at the lake with solar electric AND to heat it with geothermal energy! In addition, they will install a solar electric charging station for cell phones at the new primitive campground being built on the lake’s Pork Chop Island.

This is a significant development in Nebraska state government recognizing the value of using renewables not only for cost savings but as an educational opportunity for the public!

Efficient use of taxpayer money +
Sound environmental conservation policy

= Good decision-making at the Lower Platte North NRD!! I’m proud of my NRD!

Lower Platte North NRD Makes Sound Financial Decision

I was proud of the Lower Platte North NRD board of directors for making a sound management decision this month. They voted against spending $78,000 on unnecessary additional site selections and just move ahead with beginning work on the first of 11 dams already selected to mitigate flooding in Saunders County.

This is an example of responsible spending of taxpayer money and responsiveness to the needs of the public.

Read more about the story here.