About Nancy

Endorsed and Supported by
Retiring LPN NRD Director Don Kavan


Nancy Meyer was born and raised in farming communities in the Midwest and has spent most of her life in rural communities.  Her husband Alan was raised on a farm near West Point, Nebraska and they raised their three children in rural Saunders County. Nancy is a retired analyst for Intel Corporation who now volunteers as a tax preparer and enjoys beekeeping on their small acreage west of Cedar Bluffs.

Nancy graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1980, with dual degrees in Journalism and English. She has a long history of community service and significant experience in areas which have prepared her well to serve on the LPN NRD Board.


Nancy is skilled in financial work, including budgeting and expense management for public entities. She served on the North Bend School Board from 2007-2010, dealing with policy, budgeting, and expense approval. Since 2007, Nancy has worked as a tax preparer in Nebraska.

NancyHeadshot1Nancy is committed to community service. Since 2015, she has volunteered with Community Action Partnerships, providing free tax preparation service to Nebraskans. She also is a member of the Nebraska Farmers Union and a supporter of the Center for Rural Affairs. She has been active in conservation issues in Nebraska for over 15 years, teaching environmental education workshops at Wahoo Elementary, providing recycling tools and information to the City of Wahoo, and giving presentations to civic groups on conservation topics, all free of charge.

What She Will Do

Nancy is proud of the water, soil, and other great natural resources Nebraska has to offer, and she cares deeply about protecting Nebraska’s land and resources for generations to come. She shares the incumbent’s views on managing natural resources for sustainability.

She also is concerned because her own domestic well, and wells of others in the district, have tested outside recommended levels for safe drinking. Nancy will work to safeguard water quality and quantity for ALL citizens and ALL interests in the district. She also will work to ensure that the NRD spends taxpayers’ dollars responsibly.

For RESPONSIBLE SPENDING and SAFE, SUFFICIENT WATER for all interests, support Nancy Meyer for the Lower Platte North NRD Board.

USE NRD Map IMG952188Each dot on this map of the LPN Natural Resources District represents a well.
Blue = irrigation wells, Green = residential wells, Red = other wells.