Elect Nancy Meyer to the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District!

The Lower Platte North NRD is a big district — over a million acres — and wherever you live in it, Nancy will be on your ballot on November 6, 2018.  That’s because every board member in the LPN NRD is elected as if at large.

The Lower Platte North NRD covers parts of these 7 Nebraska counties:  Boone, Platte, Madison, Colfax, Butler, Dodge, and Saunders. See district map here.

If you drink water, your NRD affects you directly. On this page we’ll keep you informed about campaign events that allow you to learn more about how Nancy Meyer will safeguard water quality and quantity for voters in the Lower Platte North NRD.

You’ll find information about Nancy’s qualifications, who is endorsing her, how you can get involved, and how to contact us on the other pages of this website.

Follow the campaign by registering in the column at right to stay informed by email of campaign news. And check this site often for updates!

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