Elect Nancy Meyer to the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District!


The Lower Platte North NRD is a big district — over a million acres — and wherever you live in it, Nancy will be on your ballot on November 6, 2018.  That’s because every board member in the LPN NRD is elected as if at large.

The Lower Platte North NRD covers parts of these 7 Nebraska counties:  Boone, Platte, Madison, Colfax, Butler, Dodge, and Saunders. See district map here.

If you drink water, your NRD affects you directly. On this page we’ll keep you informed about campaign events that allow you to learn more about how Nancy Meyer will safeguard water quality and quantity for voters in the Lower Platte North NRD.

You’ll find information about Nancy’s qualifications, who is endorsing her, how you can get involved, and how to contact us on the other pages of this website.

Follow the campaign by registering in the column at right to stay informed by email of campaign news. And check this site often for updates!

Lower Platte North NRD Plans Renewable Energy Improvements to Lake Wanahoo

Great news!! The Lower Platte North NRD announced Monday, August 13, 2018, that they will be seeking to make a number of renewable energy enhancements at the District’s premier property, Lake Wanahoo, just outside Wahoo.

LPN NRD is planning to power their new education center at the lake with solar electric AND to heat it with geothermal energy! In addition, they will install a solar electric charging station for cell phones at the new primitive campground being built on the lake’s Pork Chop Island.

This is a significant development in Nebraska state government recognizing the value of using renewables not only for cost savings but as an educational opportunity for the public!

Efficient use of taxpayer money +
Sound environmental conservation policy

= Good decision-making at the Lower Platte North NRD!! I’m proud of my NRD!

Lower Platte North NRD Makes Sound Financial Decision

I was proud of the Lower Platte North NRD board of directors for making a sound management decision this month. They voted against spending $78,000 on unnecessary additional site selections and just move ahead with beginning work on the first of 11 dams already selected to mitigate flooding in Saunders County.

This is an example of responsible spending of taxpayer money and responsiveness to the needs of the public.

Read more about the story here.


Multi-Candidate Fundraiser Potluck Was a Resounding Success!

Saturday, June 30, 2018 was a unique chance for Nebraskans to hear from and meet fifteen great candidates running for office in Nebraska – all in one day!

The event was an open-house style potluck from 2 – 7 pm at the home of Alan & Nancy Meyer in northern Saunders County. It was also Nancy’s birthday.

Candidates from up and down the ballot were featured, including . . . drum roll . . . 

Special Guest Jane Raybould for US Senate!

Candidate Speakers:

Lynne Walz, NE State Lieutenant Governor
Jane Raybould, US Senate
Spencer Danner, NE Secretary of State
Jessica McClure, US House, 1st District
Paul Theobald, US House, 3rd District
Pam Hopkins, Dodge County Attorney
Christa Yoakum, Public Service Commission, District 1
Mike Forsythe, Public Service CommissionDistrict 3
Amanda Bogner, OPPD, Subdivision 1
Eric Williams, OPPD, Subdivision 6
Janece Molhoff, OPPD, Subdivision 7
Mechelle Sky Walker, Lower Platte South NRD, Sub-District 1
Maxine Moul for Helen Raikes, Lower Platte North NRD, Sub-District 9
Nancy Meyer, Lower Platte North NRD, Sub-District 7

Over 100 people enjoyed delicious artisanal BBQ chicken sourced locally and free beer while they were treated to great speeches and an opportunity to meet the candidates in person. Everyone brought a side dish, drink, or dessert and several brought awnings, tables & chairs and table service to help make the event a success.

More than $7000 was raised for all 15 candidates combined!